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Use our updated list with the best faucets paying to FaucetPay.

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# Faucet Name Type Earnings Payment
1 Faucet High Direct/FP
1 Cointiply Cointiply Faucet/PTC High Direct
2 Freebitcoin Freebitcoin Faucet High Direct
3 CoinPayu CoinPayu Faucet/PTC High Direct/FP
4 Adbtc Adbtc PTC High Direct/FP
5 CryptoWin CryptoWin Faucet/PTC High Direct/FP
6 Earnbitmoon Earnbitmoon Faucet/PTC Good Direct/FP
7 ClaimBits ClaimBits Faucet/PTC Good Direct/FP
8 CoinAdster CoinAdster Faucet/PTC Good Direct/FP
9 Faucet4news Faucet4news Faucet High FP
10 CoinDiversity CoinDiversity Faucet Good FP
11 Claimfreecoins Claimfreecoins Faucet Good FP
12 Turbo-btc Turbo-btc Faucet Good FP
13 ZecFaucet ZecFaucet Faucet Good FP
14 FreeBch FreeBch Faucet Good FP
15 Bnbfaucet Bnbfaucet Faucet Middle FP